AHU Control Kit

Lennox VRF 22


  • The Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable, efficient and customizable. Each system benefits from the smart design features of the Mini-VRF outdoor unit, features that deliver more application flexibility and temperature-control options.
  • Compatible with cooling coils in 1 to 20-ton capacities
  • Utilizes the same Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) and controls algorithm used in Lennox VRF equipment for precise and efficient comfort control
  • Simplified installation with 2 piping connections
  • Experience the design flexibility of VRF systems with up to 492 feet of system piping on Mini-VRF, and 3,280 feet on VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery.
  • * All designs with the AHU Control Kit must be approved by the Lennox VRF Operations team to eliminate any compatibility issues.