VCFB Ceiling and Floor Mount

Lennox VRF 7


  • The VCFB features flexible installation options, making the unit ideal for horizontal or vertical installations. Auto-adjusting airflow and auto swing louvers maintain optimal comfort without the need for user adjustment.
  • Flexible Installation—Installs either vertically or horizontally.
  • Auto Fan Speed—Reduces fan energy consumption by automatically adjusting the fan speed based on the current room temperature.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Auto Swing—Ensures more complete airflow distribution.
  • Compact Installation—Less than 8½ inches in height when installed horizontally.
  • High-Efficiency DC Motor—DC motor configuration for maximum energy efficiency.

Product Specs

  • Cooling BTU/H: 12,000 – 48,000
  • Heating BTU/H: 13,500 – 54,000
  • Sound level: As low as 41 dB(A)
  • Weight: 57 to 106 lbs.