VOSB Outside Air Duct

Lennox VRF 8


  • Ducted indoor unit used to bring outside air into the building to satisfy building code requirements. VOSB Outside Air Duct units are discharge air temperature controlled for maximum comfort control.
  • High Static Pressure – Capable of external static pressures up to 1” W.G.
  • Sectional Filter – Removable from either side of the unit and folds, allowing easy servicing even in tight spaces.
  • High Efficiency DC Motor – For maximum energy efficiency
  • Auxiliary Device Support – Built-in dry contacts to support connections to auxiliary devices, such as CO2 sensors and dampers.

Product Specs

  • Cooling BTU/H: 36,000-96,000
  • Heating BTU/H: 30,000-108,000
  • Weight: 167 to 275 lbs.