VRF Manager Central Controller

Lennox VRF 20


  • The LVM Central Controller can monitor and control up to 320 VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems. The system consists of a touchscreen LVM central controller and 1 to 10 LVM gateway devices depending on the number of VRF systems.
  • Monitor and Control Multiple VRF Systems – 320 VRF systems can operate on a single LVM controller. That translates to up to 960 outdoor units and up to 2,560 indoor units.
  • Centralized Indoor Unit Control – Set setpoint, mode (Heat/Cool/Fan/Auto/Dry), fan speed (High/Medium/Low/Auto), and louver position for all indoor units from a single controller.
  • Full time-of-day scheduling – Enables timed on/off operation of indoor unit
  • Indoor Unit Grouping – Group indoor units for simultaneous control

Product Specs

  • LVM Controller: Dimensions (Length x Width): 14.38 x 11.25
  • LVM Gateway: Dimensions (Length x Width): 16.3 x 13.8, Weight: 7.2 lbs.